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(Virtual) –Dr. Karen Freberg, Professor of Strategic Communication, University of Louisville

Presentation overview: This workshop will cover the main issues and challenges facing social media professionals post-pandemic, while providing hands on experiences in discovering early warning signs and proactively handling crises emerging on social media. In addition, insights into battling cancel culture will also be discussed.

Speaker overview:

Karen Freberg (@kfreberg) is an Associate Professor in Strategic Communications at the University of Louisville. Freberg is also an instructor for the Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Online Program at West Virginia University. Dr. Freberg is a research consultant in social media and crisis communications and has worked with several organizations such as Facebook, Adobe, HubSpot, Chipotle, Firestorm Solutions, Hootsuite, The Breeders’ Cup, IMC Agency, DHS, CDC and General Motors. Dr. Freberg is the author of The Roadmap in Teaching Social Media (Amazon, self published), Digital Media Writing for Strategic Communication (TopHat with Emily Kinsky and Amber Hutchins) and Social media for strategic communications: Creative strategies and research based applications (SAGE).