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(Virtual) – Vanessa Cabrera, Online Marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist

Presentation overview: Ever felt that when it comes to marketing yourself and or your business on social media, you’re just spinning your wheels? Being super consistent one week, then falling off the social media wagon the next. How about jumping from one social media channel to the next? In this presentation, award winning online marketing consultant & social media strategist, Vanessa Cabrera will reveal how you can stop the social media marketing madness once and for all! In this cannot miss session, Vanessa Cabrera will do a deep dive of 4 simple steps you’ll be able to immediately implement that will not only amplify your online visibility but will position you as THE go-to expert in your industry. Plus she’ll reveal 3 ways you can increase your LinkedIn reach and visibility… LIKE NOW! You’re gonna wanna be in the virtual room for this one!  In this session you’ll learn:

1. Why staying in your Social Media lane is vital

2. How to easily create killer content your audience will find irresistible

3. How to position yourself as THE go to expert in your field

4. How to monetize your social media marketing FASTER

Speaker overview:

Vanessa is an award winning email marketing strategist, a social media consultant and a national speaker who travels the country helping small businesses understand and leverage the power of email + social media marketing to grow their business. A one-woman show, Vanessa built to a thriving business in just 3 years! Her creative mind and out of the box thinking continues to drive her to the forefront as the go-to expert of email & social media marketing. She’s also the creator of The Email Empire™, her 3-month VIP consulting program that has helped hundreds of businesses implement a moneymaking email-marketing program. Ever the energetic, feisty, straight-forward no BS advocate for small business, Vanessa jams every one of her sessions with countless useful tools, tips and advice in which attendees are able to implement immediately into their digital strategic planning. Vanessa is a singlemompreneur who Luvs2Run, she’s an avid Kickboxer, a bit of a Beer Buff, but her true passion and hustle comes from her 3 son, Matteo.